True Facts
Being a pro-domme is an active choice, integral to my sexuality. 
My private life is not restricted to dominance and i am not a lifestyle Domme
Dominance, to me, is a sexual pleasure, not a lifestyle or a way of making a living.

Pro-domme since: 2007
Location: Copenhagen
Born: May 18, 1982
Nationality: Danish
Height: 172 cm / 5” 8’
Weight: 65 kg / 145lbs
Bra size: E

My attitude and character, is not to be doubted !
I walk with determination, each step planting the heel, solid in the ground. Youl will find My appearance very strong and see i hold myself with pride. My fury green eyes and gingery hair underlines My temper and inner glow. There are no flat or saggy parts on My body and the definition of femininity is strong. A few improvements have been performed, but they are few, and when my well-proportioned curves are clad in lak, leather, PVC, latex, or nylon, you will know your place.