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The fansite a member's area for you who want to follow My kinky femdom World. Members are always the first to be notified with updates and always the first to get invited to register for my events. On the fan page you will find lots of kinky clips from seances and naughty teases. This is also where I share my thoughts, memories and blog posts.
I post monday to friday every week - unless i am on vacation.
To give you a  idea of ​​what you will find on the Fansite, here are 5 links to videos that can all be found at my Fansite.

Free examples from the fansite
Video 1 (7 min)  - Whatever Hole
Video 2 ( 3 min) - caged up
Video 3 - ( 7 min) - Latexslave
Video 4 (4 min) - Sissytime
video 5 (1 Min) - Behind the scenes
video 6 (3 Min) - this guy kept interrupting me