My Passions


I greatly value quality and good hygiene. You will notice that not only from looking at me, but goes for my my studio aswell. I am always scented, exquisitely dressed in various fetish outfits, with long polished nails, and in the right kind of mood. My sinful playground of a Domicile as well as all my toys and tools are painstakingly cleaned and disinfected after every use. I appreciate you showering at the beginning of our session, so you are all clean when the fun begins. 

I am lustful, present and demanding. My ultimate pleasure is to introduce you to MY dark world of BDSM, to yet unexplored submissive pleasures, and to see you give in, to my desires. My passion is sadistic, sensual, and intense dominance, and I master the art of seduction, as well as allmost every aspect of BDSM and fetishism. I enjoy teaching you new meanings of pleasure, submissiveness, and obedience. Honestly, I find it fascinating to blend the perverted acts with teasing, pain and sensuality, and at the same time making my superiority and complete control over you very clear. Submissive men are not created equal, and each individual desire must necessarily be explored with different approaches, but the same thoroughness. 

Forbidden desires, a situation that you have long secretly fantasized about and really want to experience? Something you really want to try, but almost cannot bring yourself to speak off? I want to know your deepest desires and experience them with you.