My Limets


•  Allow intimate contact. 
•  Find pleasure in online or webcam sessions slaves
•  Get involved in financial domination, findom, blackmail, shopping sessions, or similar activities. 

•   Involving fantasies about kids, family relations or people younger than 18 years. 
•   Involving animals or fantasies about animals. 
•   Involving couples or women. 
•   Involving vomit, sweat, snot, scat, farts, or burps.
•   Involving public play or play outside Miy studio

I do not compromise with my personal desires and limits and i do not take it lightly if you try to approach my limets! 

Being dominant is not a roleplay to me. It is my nature and my sexuality. Do not mistake me for a lifestyle Domme ! For me this is only sexual pleasure and i do not interact with my slaves in my personal life. There is absolutely no chance of being My personal slave. 

It is important to me that we play within my fantasies, desires, and—not least—limits. Communication and chemistry are paramount. I have demands and expectations of the slaves I play with. 
You can not just pick your services when you are playing with me. I am not capable of acting in a specific manner, doing things in a prescribed order, or saying certain words or on demand. I am a dominant woman, not an actress. I do not accept user manuals, scripts, or other menu lists, but I will obviously respect your limits.
I do not use a stop word in my sessions. Quite frankly, there has never been a need for it, and a session where you can just speak a word and stop our play just does not turn me on at all. Also I would rather proceed at a more cautious and slow pace, as I believe a craving for more experiences is better than pushing too hard and too fast. 
A few areas where Mistress do not have the skills or interests are: roleplay, advanced clinical play, Japanese and advanced rope bondage. 
Due to a shoulder injury, I do not offer wrestling sessions, and spanking sessions are limited to one hour. Also I do not offer post-orgasm torture. 

I want to protect your as well as my privacy. It is no secret that I am a pro-domme, but I want to separate my professional and personal life. Please be discreet, if we accidentally run into each other outside the playground. When speaking to others about me, refrain from passing on details you might know about my personal life. I will respect your privacy in a similar manner.