Meeting Mistress


Contact only by E-mail:

Sessions in Copenhagen is possible Mondays & Thursdays 
Other days than the mentioned is not possible.
Please be aware that I often have a 2 to 3 week waiting period for appointments. Approach me with a polite and informative application by email for your session. I respond to e-mails on a daily basis, Monday to thursday.
I always respond to all e-mails. Should you not receive a response, it will be a mistake, and I ask you to write me again.

I meet with experienced subs as well as newbies, but i do have preferences for the slaves that I meet with.

If I say no to meeting you, don't take it as a rejection, but that I think you'll have a better experience somewhere else.


When we make our agreement, I ask for a deposit of DKK 500, which is not returned in the event of cancellation or postponement. Your deposit covers hire of the studio and my transport. Therefore, the agreement is only valid when the deposit has been received. 

Fee pr. 30 min is 135 Euros - Plus 500  DKK. i deposit
NB: the time allocated is the time you spend in the premises, i.e. it also covers bathing and conversation

It is important that you arrive at the exact agreed time. Both for my safety and for your discretion, I do not open the door, at times  - other than when I have an appointment. Therefore, always notify bme by via email if you should be late.